My Playlist [September 2016]

I grew up in the loving arms of music. Since both my parents are singers, it was inevitable. In a way, I’ve always loved music. Particularly, singing. But I only truly fell in love with music when I was in high school. It was when I began to actively process and understand the meanings of the songs that I listened and sang along to. From then on, music has been many things to me: a cure, a solution, a means of catharsis, a tool for revelation. More often than not, my playlist reflects my current situation, internal and external.

With that said, I introduce you all to My Playlist where I’ll be listing down 5 songs I listen to every month. And without further ado, here goes the very first one for September 2016:

1. Chainsmokers – Closer

It’s all over the radio, the malls, and it’s on my friends’ playlists. It’s inescapable, and I love it. *random awkward dance*

2. John Mayer – Belief

Aside from Battle Studies, I never got around to familiarizing myself with John Mayer’s music. But this month, I managed to give Continuum a good listen through and fell in love with this song. As of this moment, it’s still on repeat.

3. Mike Digham – Live Like We’re Lost

I have Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist to thank for this.

4. Hillsong United – Captain

Ever since Hillsong United released Empires last year, this song has never left my playlist.

5. Lil Wayne – Sucker for Pain

While the movie failed to live up to the hype, I find the soundtrack of Suicide Squad pretty good. I put this one on when I’m working out. “More pain…” LOL.

And there you have it, my September 2016 playlist! Let me know what you think, and if you have some song suggestions for me, go ahead and write them down in the comments section.


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