The Pasaway Diaries is a blog by Jacques Manuntag. (Yes, I just referred to myself in third person.)


What can you expect to find here in my medyo personal space in the world wide web?

1. Tidbits of my life. I’m fond of taking down notes of random things that happen daily. Back in high school, I kept a journal of funny instances that happened in school. I put a large chunk of it in a note on Facebook, then I tagged all of my classmates. From time to time, someone would comment and bring the post back to life, so my friends and I are able to look back, reminisce, laugh, and cringe at what we read.

2. Travel posts. My dad is a singer, and he gets invited to go to different places to perform, so the whole family often gets to tag along with him. Also, I work as a part-time travel coordinator at Travel Factor, a local adventour company, so that brings me places too. Other than that, I just generally like wandering around and going out with friends, especially to far-off places.

3. Song covers? I’m not dead set on this, but I should be, so I’ll just include it here so that there’ll be no turning back. (HEHEHE huhu @self)

As for the blog name, it’s in reference to The Princess Diaries. I think it’s catchy, and if you’re seeking a reason beyond that, then I can’t give you one.

Am I pasaway? Sometimes. My parents often call me pasaway, but it’s a common thing parents use to describe their children. I am also maldita and bruha to my mom and dad, but do believe me when I say that i’m nice… just ask my friends. 😉

So there! Welcome to my world of wonder and static.

Thanks for dropping by,